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The Power of Fierce Beauty

Inlaid with abalone

Carved from a gourd.

Inscribed with runes

of such fierce beauty

only our the spirals

of our dreams

can ford what it means.

I wonder: What would happen to the hopes and dreams, cares and concerned cooked in such a container, chalice or cauldron if you will?

What shifts transformations or transmutations might occur.

August 22 the Sun Moves from Summery Leo to Back to School Virgo. Just something else to think about, write about, dream about and share with others, How does it effect you?

For the first time in 2000 years the Fixed Star Regulus moves into the sign of Virgo. Even if you  don’t know the astrologese. You surly can understand an object shifting for the first time in  2000 years and we are getting to be a part of this grand mystery. What if we place all this…

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