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Hello Friends,

Some strange things happened to the format of  the Carolisle  blog and I couldn’t repair it. So here we are at StarSoup. I will continue with my tasty offerings about Astrology, the Seasons and everyday life on Earth . I chose the name StarSoup because for many years I would find it comforting, like a warm cup of soup, to find out that stars and planets were up to some  tricky shenanigans so it wasn’t just me feeling off kilter.  The news paper  astrology report gave me just the perspective I needed. So here we go, I hope I will be able to share with you that same feeling of being cared for by the Stars .

Anderson Cooper  and the cosmic news both agree “We have crossed the threshold of change.”

Egypt is burning, volcanoes in Bali are erupting reports CNN. Oh my! Change is afoot!

In the astrology news Jupiter( Zeus) has risen up out of the depths of the ocean, Pisces the Fish, into the realm of the War God Aries. This means all our big Dreams of freedom and change that have been peculating  under the surface are out in the world and ready to be acted upon for better or worse. Actions will be taken there is no turning back.

That said: now is the time to choose carefully the way you move and speak, there will be consequences. You could pray this Old Testament or is it from Bob Marley? prayer:  May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in thine eyes oh Zion” or  find that dusty copy of to the Four Agreements By Don Miguel Ruiz.  (I just saw it at the Kaiser book store last week so this book of Toltec wisdom has gotten mainstream play )                                                     

The Four Agreements are:

Be Impeccable with your words,

Don’t take anything personal,

Don’t Make Assumptions, and

Always do Your Best.

Whatever you do let your personal revolution be guided by ancient wisdom.

Another wisdom source we have going for us is Wednesdays New Moon in the  Sign Aquarius it may even guide you on your unique path of change, and, or innovation. If you ask, operators are standing by.

Drink deep and be filled, Carol

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